The War on Drugs from Pennsylvania released their third studio album “Lost in the Dream” this year. They find themselves on nearly every list about the best releases of 2014. Vocalist Adam performs an acoustic version of the wonderful song “An Ocean in between the Waves” in Duisburg.

The talented german musician Tobias Siebert records several different instruments in the studio, presses the tracks on vinyl and then has a full band in form of a record player with him all the time. This is him performing his song ‘My Transformation’.

Hannes Wittmer is Spaceman Spiff, a german singer-songwriter, who covered the song “Volkslied”, originally by Jan Böttcher, for us. Just him and his guitar in a tunnel in the middle of the Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are three siblings who make music together. They do something between Rockabilly, classic Rock’n’Roll and R’n’B. Their new album will come out soon. We’ve met them on a train track where they performed the new song “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen” for us.

This video is part of the acoustic special we did for the Traumzeit Festival in Duisburg, Germany. We did sessions with nine bands - check them all out.

One day with dutch punk rock band John Coffey. They performed at the new concert building Tivoli in Utrecht, Netherlands. This is the first mini-documentary done by Cardinal Sessions. A new series called “On Stage With” about live music in modern times.

Emily Barker and Austin Lucas performed ‘Fields of June’ for us in a beautiful version.

PJ Bond performed his song ‘Calm in the Corner’ together with Austin Lucas and Emily Barker for us before their show in Cologne.

Austin Lucas performed his song ‘Alone In Memphis’ together with Emily Barker and PJ Bond for us in Cologne.